Welcome to our team resource page! Here you will find our Trail Kids Handbook, notes from our meetings, useful tips, games for your class, encouraging videos, and more! This page will be updated frequently, so continue to check back in the weeks to come. We hope these resources help us grow as a team and improve our classrooms to help us reach more families with the good news of Jesus!


Policies & Procedures

Trail Kids Volunteer Handbook

All of the processes and procedures can be found here! If you have a question about what to do, check here first!

Student Volunteer Positions & Policies

Find all of the details concerning the rules and positions available to the teen volunteers.

Emergency Procedures

Find the specifics of what to do in an emergency while serving in Trail Kids. The printout can be found in your classroom with all necessary supplies.

Schedule Requests

Here is a step-by-step with photos on how to respond to schedule requests. Find the written steps here.


Classroom Resources

Here are some tools that can help in your classroom. Feel free to print off anything as needed.


Meeting Notes

Find the notes and agendas for our meetings & luncheons