Study Group Meeting Layout (40 minutes total)
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1. Welcome/Catch Up (5 minutes)
We recommend leaving everyone unmuted for this portion of the meeting. It may sound a little chaotic sometimes, but it gives everyone the chance to connect before diving in.

• Welcome everyone.
• Allow members to interact with each other.
• If needed, propose an icebreaker question (fun easy get to know you question).
• Go over meeting basics – especially the first time. Let everyone know you may mute or unmute them when needed to help keep things running smoothly.

2. Discussion Questions (25 minutes)
Let everyone know you’re ready to get started. Press mute all before praying.

• Open with prayer.
• Read scriptures given from Sunday’s message that pertain to the discussion questions.
• Read each discussion question aloud
*Tip: Ask a different group member to read each question and give their answer. This can help start the discussion.
• Ask follow up questions to create interaction between participants.
• Finish up discussion time by asking if anyone has any final thoughts.

3. Prayer Time (10 minutes)
• Ask for prayer requests.
• Ask for members to share any praise reports or answers to prayer.
*Tip: Ask specific group members for an update on prayer requests from previous weeks, if appropriate.
• Lead prayer or ask a group member to lead prayer.
• Unmute all and give everyone a minute to say goodbye before ending the meeting.