Questions About Baptism?

People often have lots of questions about baptism. So what is it really about?

Simply put, water baptism is an external confirmation of an internal commitment to follow Christ. It represents the death of your old life and your sin, and a re-birth as you begin a new life in Jesus. Much like a wedding ceremony is a public profession of love, baptism is an opportunity to proclaim that you’ve chosen to live a life for Christ.

If you’ve made the decision to follow Jesus, baptism IS your next step, and we want to celebrate with you!

We have a great class all about baptism that everyone signing up attends. If you just have questions about baptism, feel free to signup just to attend the class. We also encourage anyone with questions to take a minute to read Why Should I Get Baptized?

Signup for Baptism

Our next baptism celebration will be scheduled soon. Signup below, and our next steps team will reach out to confirm the details with you!
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    For those signing up for a child: While there is no Biblical definition for how old a child must be before they can be baptized, if you are signing up for a small child please note that we will request to have a conversation with you and your child to ensure they fully understand the decision and commitment they have made.
  • We have a special shirt for you to get baptized in, just let us know what size you'd like.
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    To make sure everyone understands the real meaning behind being baptized, we ask everyone signing up to be baptized to attend our Baptism Class. The baptism class will be held the morning of your baptism.
  • To make sure everyone understands the meaning of baptism and the details of the service, we ask everyone signing up to be baptized to attend our baptism class. The class will take place on Sunday, April 30th (the morning of the baptism service).
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