Thanks so much for signing up to be an interest group leader! We know you’re going to have a great time getting to know some new people, and we’re excited to see the community your group is going to create! We want you to be free to run your group as you see fit, but we also recognize the need to set a few guidelines to protect both you and your group members. Relying on and referring to these guidelines can also help you avoid some uncomfortable situations. You can also download these guidelines for future reference.

General Event Rules

Avoid any events that are specifically organized around or would encourage the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

  • ALL Trailhead group events should be dry.
  • When meeting in homes, remove alcohol and tobacco from the meeting space prior to the event.
  • This is to help provide a safe environment and protect children or church members who may be dealing with issues related to these substances.

Avoid events and conversations that encourage or condone foul language, inappropriate sexual behavior, political ideologies, or controversial or unbiblical teaching.

  • Avoid event locations that contain sexual or sexually implicit images or references.

Avoid movies, shows, or other media that promote any of the substances or behaviors above.

  • No movies rated R or above. No shows rated TV-MA or above.

Please pre-approve any events or studies that involve preaching, teaching, or theology with the Groups Directors.

  • This is to protect you and your group in case any unforeseen unbiblical and/or controversial teaching is presented that can cause problems, confusion, or distraction for your group.
  • In general, any content on RightNow Media should be easily approved.

Do not engage in fundraising for your group among church members unless prior approval is obtained from the Groups Directors.

Keep your conversations uplifting and positive.

  • Please encourage your group to avoid excessive negativity and conversations or comments that disparage Trailhead Church or Trailhead Church staff.

Consult with the Groups Directors if you are considering doing any event that may be physically demanding, extreme, or require overnight stays. Signed releases may be required to protect you and your group members.

Event Hosting

If an event is being hosted at a group member’s house, you must ensure the member is willing to follow these guidelines prior to meeting.

Personal Responsibilities

Uphold Biblical standards of behavior, recognizing your impact on the lives of your group members.

Try to avoid situations that put you alone with the opposite gender, especially if you’re married.

Group Management

Do your best to keep group members informed of your group’s plans. 

Please always maintain at least one upcoming event on your group calendar in Base Camp.

  • These events will automatically appear on Trailhead’s Groups website, so your group members and prospective members will always know what your group is doing.

We want your group to be awesome, and for you and your group members to have a blast! We’re here to support you! If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Groups Directors at