We are Rob and Cari Schmidt, a couple transitioning from our thirties to forties with three teenage daughters. Rob is an IT Professional who works from home, and Cari is an elementary school teacher. We are so excited to be leading a Trailguide group at Trailhead! We recently moved to NC from WA where we were part of a group for many years and made lifelong friendships. Our desire is to create the same type of group with you- one where we fellowship together, laugh together, pray together, and basically just do life together! We would love to do a short bible study, prayer, and fellowship each Thursday evening, and then meet for a meal and/or some sort of fun event on the fourth week. We even have three built in babysitters for our bible study weeks, so we welcome *all* ages, young and old!

What are trailguide groups?

Trailguide groups are focused more on developing relationships than doing an activity. Every group looks different, but all of them have a committed leader who helps facilitate events and maintain connections with the group members. We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to connect in a Trailguide group, so we ask that you join only one Trailguide group.

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