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If I Would Have Died That Day

Jeff Bardel
February 28, 2021
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Relationship Harmony Devotional

We want to see your relationships thrive, so we’ve created this three-week devotional to walk you through practical, Biblical steps to move toward harmony in your relationships.

Weeks two and three will be added below as they are released each Friday.

Click the link below to access the most recent devo!



PLEASE NOTE:  Our March Pathfinder will be hosted virtually on Zoom. Our April Pathfinder will be held in person.

If you’re new to Trailhead, or you’re ready to take your next step of investing more in your walk with God and your church, we’d love to invite you to our Pathfinder course.

Pathfinder is a three-week course, and throughout each session you’ll learn what Trailhead is all about, what it really means to be a follower of Christ, how to connect with others, and how you can grow and invest the gifts God placed inside you.

Find out more by signing up at the link below!


Join Anytime

There are no extra videos to watch or books to read. Just join us for church on Sundays and you’ll be ready for your group meeting. The best part is that group conversations are based on the discussion questions in our message notes, so you already know where to find them. Find out more and join a group by clicking below!


Zoom Services

Switchback is hosting a weekly youth service on Wednesdays at 7pm on Zoom. You’ll be able to talk, worship together, and get back to growing with Pastor Phillip and the Switchback leaders. Click below to send a message on Facebook to get the info you need to join in!


Deeper: How to Get the Most Out of Your Bible

Have you ever sat down to read your Bible, and just felt stuck? We can probably all agree that connecting with God’s Word is an essential part of being a Christian, but we also know that reading the Bible can seem daunting; or maybe even irrelevant.

That’s why on March 21st and 28th, we’re hosting Deeper: a class all about helping you get the most out of your Bible. It’s a two-week course designed to jump start your study of the Bible. You’ll come away understanding where the Bible comes from, and how to engage with God’s Word in your everyday life.

The class will be offered during the 9:00AM service in the upstairs classroom. If you kids, you can check them into Trailhead Kids before coming up!


Every marriage goes through ups and downs, and we’ve all experienced difficult moments where we really weren’t sure what was the best next step. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a Christ-centered, seasoned couple coming alongside you and your spouse to help you work through those situations? That’s what Marriage Mentors is all about. Not sure yet? Watch the video below to hear from folks who have seen their relationships restored through mentoring.

If you’d like to find out more, all you need to do is fill out the form below. Our coordinators will be in touch soon to setup a brief meeting to get to know you a little bit, share about the program, and to help you decide if mentoring is your best next step.


The Journey Home

In 2008 God called us to start a church in Alamance County where people could discover the great plan God has for their life. Since then, God has connected us with amazing people who have poured their heart and soul into the vision of Trailhead Church. Together, we’ve seen God heal the sick, restore broken homes, and we’ve rejoiced as many have chosen to take the first step on their journey of faith. We’ve also had our challenges, but we have seen God’s hand provide each and every time, and frankly, a journey without challenges is rarely worth taking. We’ve always been a church of big dreamers and risk takers, and together, we’ve set our course and take the next big step of faith. If you’re ready to get involved in this next step for our church click the link below to find out more.


Serving is a great way to connect with others and find your passion, while helping to reach others with God’s love. If you want to get involved, the best way to start is by filling out our volunteer application. We can’t wait for you to join the Trailhead team!


Choose your volunteer area below to access your schedule.


Base Camp is Trailhead’s online community and resource center. If you’re a current volunteer, login below to get connected. (If you have questions about Base Camp, email Dave.)


If you are interested in serving on the Trailhead Worship team, click below to get more information on the audition process and team expectations.


Study groups are one of the most important pieces of creating strong relationships and fostering discipleship within our church. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re currently offering online only study groups. Study groups go deeper into applying Sunday’s message and are small enough to allow for real connection and discipleship. And because they’re completely online, you can participate from anywhere. There are no extra videos to watch or books to read. Just join us for church on Sundays and you’ll be ready for your group meeting. This is your moment to reconnect with your church family and choose to grow. Find out more and pick a group below!


We have transitioned from BlueFire Giving to Subsplash Giving.

Giving will be easier than ever and the church will save money!

If you have a recurring gift: (1) click to access our old BlueFire giving page and (2) follow these simple instructions to end your donation in BlueFire Giving. Then come back here to setup a new recurring gift through Subsplash Giving. Otherwise, just follow the prompts to setup your new Subsplash Giving account, and you’ll be done in less than a minute.

First Time Visitor Form

We are so happy you are here today. We would love to connect with you in a deeper way. To begin please fill out our visitor form below.

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Right Now Media

Everyone at Trailhead now has access to a massive new video library called RightNow Media! It’s like the "Netflix of Video Bible Studies" and has a HUGE library of faith-based videos that you can access whenever and wherever you want. The best part is, it’s totally free! Just drop your info below, and wait to get the email from RightNow Media with further instructions!