Our group would be a good fit for people ages 40 and older. We have 2 adult kids, but younger children are welcome in our group. We enjoy spending time with one another. Some of the events we like to do are dinner out, game night, Bible studies, going to the movies, putt- putt, bowling, etc. In what ever we do the Love of God can shine through each one of us and in turn make us stronger in Christ!! Iron sharpens iron! We like to meet on Saturdays, and our events will take place in Graham, Burlington, and Mebane area.

What are trailguide groups?

Trailguide groups are focused more on developing relationships than doing an activity. Every group looks different, but all of them have a committed leader who helps facilitate events and maintain connections with the group members. We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to connect in a Trailguide group, so we ask that you join only one Trailguide group.

Group is Full

We are so sorry Tommy & Tammy’s Group is not available to join at this time.
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